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Qualified Clients

What is a Qualified Client?

In order for the company to satisfy compliance requirements, avoid fraud and to ensure affiliates receive full commission any referred Active Client must meet the following qualifications.


Qualified Active Client

A qualified active client is defined as a distinct, unique Introduced Client, which is introduced to the company solely through the Tracking Link; and also meets the following criteria:

  • is over the age of legal capacity in the applicable jurisdiction

  • has not been an active client of the Company or the Group before

  • is not located in a Restricted Country and is not a resident of a Restricted Country

  • signs up for Company's or the Group services and makes the minimum required deposit

  • the Company has collected from such user spreads' commissions in an amount of at least US$30, or such other amount as shall be specified by the Company from time to time

  • has been verified and is accepted as a client of the Company or the Group under any applicable sign up or identity verification procedure (KYC) and/or other procedures which Company may require from time to time

  • has agreed to and accepted the Company’s or any other Group company’s Client Agreement

  • is not involved in a Fraud Traffic and is not a computer generated user (such as a robot, spider, computer script) or uses any other automated, artificial or fraudulent method

  • has been approved by the Group's AML department

  • has adequately fulfilled any other qualification criteria that the Company or the Group may introduce from time to time at its sole discretion.


It is hereby clarified that neither an Affiliate nor any of its Relatives are eligible to become Qualified Traders under an affiliate’s own Tracking Links, and should Affiliate or any of its Relatives do register, the Affiliate will not be eligible to receive any Commission or other compensation whatsoever.


Fraud and Right to withhold commissions:

Upon reasonable suspicion by the Company of possible Fraud or breach of the Affiliate agreement, the Company has the right to delay payment of Affiliate Commission for up to a period of ninety (90) days. Affiliate Commission will not be paid until such time as a review and/or investigation of the suspected fraudulent activity has been completed. Any incidence of Fraud on behalf of the Affiliate constitutes a breach and/or violation of the Affiliate Agreement.

In case of such breach and/or violation, the Company retains the right to terminate the Affiliate Agreement with immediate effect and the Affiliate shall not be entitled to receive any Commissions regardless if such Affiliate Commission was generated through Fraud or otherwise.

The Company also retain the right to deduct from future Affiliate Commission payable to the Affiliate any amounts already received by the Affiliate which have been later determined by the Company to have been generated by Fraud.

In addition to the above, the Company reserves the right to take action against any Affiliate who is found manipulating the Affiliate Program in any way whatsoever, at the Company’s discretion, including withholding and keeping any Affiliate Commission generated by the Affiliate and terminating the Agreement with immediate effect.

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