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Ideal for both beginners and more advanced traders, the extensive educational material on offer

provides them with all the essential information they need to excel in online trading

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Our Features

System Alerts & Margin

Online trading doesn't have to be or sound intimidating. The platforms on offer allow for effective risk management by notifying traders on the health of their open positions and overall account balance via system alerts and pre-set margin calls. That way, your clients can rest assured that they can always be on top of their account and funds, always monitoring their positions and never missing a trade.

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Light & Dark Themes

A dark theme has always been one of traders' most sought-after feature in a platform. Both the MT4 and WebTrader platforms feature light and dark themes, to reduce strain on the eyes and add some style to traders' experience while investing in the global markets. Depending on the time of day or simply their preference, your clients can easily switch between themes and opt for a pleasant trading journey.

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Asset Cost Calculator

One of the WebTrader's most useful features is the Cost Calculator. Your clients will be able to know exactly how much each trade will cost before they place their orders. Our built-in calculator, taking into consideration the account's balance, equity & margin, is able to calculate exactly how much a pip will cost, the required margin to open a position and convert the position's volume from lots to the account's base currency. 

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